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World Biogas Expo 2024

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We are looking forward to the World Biogas Expo in Birmingham, UK. From July 10-11, international biomethane producers and industry players will meet to discuss the opportunities of biomethane and green gases. How can we maximise the potential of biomethane? What resources do we need to further drive the energy transition with green gases? How […]

E-world 2024: Green gas for a better future

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The bmp team will be at E-world again this year. From February 20 to 22, 2024, everything will revolve around the topic of energy and how we want to shape the energy industry in the future. Our focus here is primarily on the possibilities of biomethane and green gases. After all, the multi-talented biomethane is […]

Meet us at the Salon del Gas Renovable in Spain!

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Spain is considered as one of the most promising markets for the production of biomethane, whether from agricultural products such as manure, slurry and renewable resources, or from residual and waste materials such as organic or production waste. On the 3rd and 4th of October, Spain’s largest trade fair for renewable gases, Salon del Gas […]

E-world 2023: Together for growing climate protection

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From 23 to 25 May 2023, the European energy industry will once again meet in Essen for the annual E-world energy + water. As Europe’s leading marketer of biomethane and expert in green gases, we take E-world as an opportunity to exchange insights with our partners in person. We also meet international decision-makers to discuss […]

World Biogas Expo

bmp greengas | Biogas Expo

On March 29 and 30, the world’s leading biogas trade fair, World Biogas Expo, will take place in Birmingham, UK. The focus of the event is summarized under the hashtag #MAKINGBIOGASHAPPEN: Working together to find and discuss the potential of biogas and realize its ambitions. As Europe’s leading marketer of biomethane and expert for green […]

Fuels of the Future

bmp greengas | Fachkongress Kraftstoffe der Zukunft

On January 23 and 24 2023, the 20th International Conference on Renewable Mobility will take place according the motto “Fuels of the Future 2023 – Navigator for Sustainable Mobility!”. As the leading event of the European biofuel industry, it provides an update on the various legislative initiatives, current market developments and project examples of renewable […]

Paris Grain Conference

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2022 has seen huge geopolitical and economic shifts across the globe. The impacts are noticeable in financial, energy, fertilizer and agricultural markets. On January 26 and 27 we are attending the Paris Grain Conference in France to exchange informations with biofuel and energy market participants to regroup and refocus on managing the current challenges facing […]

Future of Biogas 2022 Summit

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions has never been more relevant. Fact is, the biogas industry must grow. The Future of Biogas 2022 Summit will take place on November 23-24, 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It addresses the most important legislative changes and developments, for the industry. These help the growth and increasing demand for biogas. With bmp […]

European Biogas Conference 2022

bmp greengas | European Biogas Conference

The European Biogas Conference will take place for the 10th time in Brussels, Belgium on October 25 – 26, 2022. The event of the European Biogas Association (EBA) is a milestone for the biogas and biomethane sector in Europe and offers space for discussions on how to successfully advance the energy transition. Because the European […]

Progress in Biomethane Mobility

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While most biogas enthusiasts are already familiar with the benefits of CNG vehicles, public acceptance is still reserved. At the Progress in Biomethane Mobility event, October 11-13, 2022, in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, a bridge between technology and end users will be built. The conference will provide an overview of political framework conditions, current developments in […]