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Fuels of the Future

On January 23 and 24 2023, the 20th International Conference on Renewable Mobility will take place according the motto “Fuels of the Future 2023 – Navigator for Sustainable Mobility!”. As the leading event of the European biofuel industry, it provides an update on the various legislative initiatives, current market developments and project examples of renewable mobility. At the same time, the congress offers a platform for discussion and exchange of experience on corresponding recommendations for action.

As Europe‘s leading marketer of biomethane and expert for green gases, we as bmp greengas will not only act as sponsor, but will also give a keynote speech.

Keynote speech

In Session 06-B on the topic of „Biomethane international“ our biomethane expert Florian Siebert will give a keynote speech on “There is more than manure, slurry and the organic waste – producing fuelable biomethane with production waste”.

Termin: 24/01/2023, 14:55 p.m.

Florian Siebert



Date: 23/01/2023
- 24/01/2023


Berlin, Germany

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