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Working together.
So that climate targets and economic efficiency can be planned.

bmp greengas is one of the leading marketers of biomethane in Europe and an expert in green gases. We have been developing efficient solutions for the energy supply of tomorrow since 2007.

Specifically, we support companies in the transition to a sustainable energy supply with biomethane, green hydrogen, Bio-SNG and Bio-LNG. We take care of everything from transport to balancing to the fail-safe delivery of green gases and are convinced that we are making a valuable contribution to the energy turnaround and rendering it economically viable for our partners. At the same time, we make it profitable for our partners – e.g. by marketing their GHG quota.


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World Biogas Expo 2024
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Insolvency proceedings of bmp greengas GmbH suspended
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E-world 2024: Green gas for a better future
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Green mobility with biomethane

As a fuel, biomethane brings the highest specific greenhouse gas savings of around 85%. Processed from organic waste or produced using power-to-gas, it is a climate-friendly alternative to natural gas – and as a sustainable fuel it can even be blended with up to 100%.

Generate additional revenues with biofuels quota

The biofuels quota requires oil companies to offset fossil fuels with more environmentally friendly alternatives. They can pass on this obligation to third parties – such as natural gas filling stations or electricity suppliers of electric charging stations. The sale of the quotas generated at the filling stations and charging points enables attractive additional revenues to be generated.

Certification according to REDcert

The current and future legal situation of the EU promotes the demand for sustainably certified biomethane. In the field of biofuels, such certification is already mandatory, with the electricity and heating markets to follow. To remain competitive in the medium and long term, plant operators are therefore recommended to obtain REDcert certification.

Discover the application areas of biomethane

Green gases. The clean technologies of tomorrow.

Our vision of the future is green. Together with our customers and suppliers, we are therefore focusing on climate-friendly innovations that will drive forward the energy turnaround: products from and with green gases such as biomethane, green hydrogen, bio-LNG and bio-SNG. 

Biomethane is processed biogas generated during the fermentation of biomass. Green hydrogen and bio-SNG are produced using surplus electricity from renewable energy sources such as wind, PV and water. Biomethane and bio-SNG can replace natural gas entirely.

Biomethane. One energy source, many advantages.

Produced from biowaste or residues, biomethane is one of the few continuously available and at the same time CO2-neutral energy sources on the market. It can be used in many different ways, is demanded by legislators and offers users additional advantages – for example due to its independence from the weather and geographical location.

It is also subsidized by the legislator. The lower the GHG emissions, the better the opportunities for marketing and the higher the value. As a future-proof all-rounder, the green gas is one of the most sustainable and reliable energy suppliers for all requirements.