Our bmp sustainability initiative

We are working together
for a green future!

Our commitment

The energy transition
starts with ourselves

As bmp greengas, we carry the “green” not only in our name, but also in our hearts. We are convinced that with our products we can not only make a valuable contribution to the energy transition. For us, sustainability is a basic approach that we live by every day, even on a small scale. How can we protect resources and reduce emissions? Everyone in our team has their indivdual answers to this question. That’s exactly why we initiated an internal bmp sustainability project: to combine our ideas and work together to make the future better than today.

Together we are a team of


creative minds

Save paper & reforest

We plant trees with the association "Bergwaldprojekt"!

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Donations by the kilometer for the foundation "Pfennigparade"

Moving together!

2021 started our first „bmp is moving“ week under the hashtag #bmpbewegt: For 7 days, we counted every kilometer we completed with our own strength - and for each kilometer, we raised €1 for the Pfennigparade's sports inclusion project INSEL. At the end of the week, we accomplished 2,290 kilometers and donated 2,290 euros to Pfennigparade! But this was definitely not the last time...

Learn more about INSEL
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Green education for a green future!

Environmental education is fun

We are convinced: when children learn about what nature provides every day, they will more likely to treat it responsible as adults as well. That's why we are supporting the non-profit environmental education institution "naturindianer-kids" in their inclusive camps for children!

Learn more
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We stay on the
ground and use the train!

Train instead of plane

Domestic flights are more than seven times as damaging to the climate as travelling by train! For us, these are more than enough reasons to avoid flights as far as possible for customer meetings, exhibitions, etc. and to switch to the more climate-friendly mode of transport, the train.

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Paperless: Invoice and Verification Shipping

Less is more

As a green company, we want to save resources and emissions wherever possible. That's why we switched to digital communication in 2020: Since then, invoices and certificates of origins have only been sent out paperless.

Together we do good

Our heart project:
Ronald McDonald

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All eco:
Our business mailings
on recycled paper

All green

For the new edition of our office equipment, we selected sustainable eco paper. At the same time, we try to avoid paper wherever possible and use digital options.

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Green and local:
We only serve regional
and organic beverages

Sustainable delight

With conscious consumption, we can help the environment. That's why our espresso is not only organically grown - we even take care of the transportation from the roastery around the corner emission-free by foot!

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100 % recycled paper
for our new
bmp brochure

Reduced in size by half

Our new corporate brochure has not only been reduced in size, but also in its ecological footprint: thanks to Blue Angel and 100 % recycled paper.

By the way: With the energy saved per copy, you could make 1 liter of coffee!

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Our mission statement “Working together for a green future” has been communicated publicly for a long time now: We are a “green” company. We want to act accordingly and constantly rethink our actions – for the sake of future generations. The fact that we can contribute to the energy transition as a team makes us proud!