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World Biogas Expo 2024

We are looking forward to the World Biogas Expo in Birmingham, UK. From July 10-11, international biomethane producers and industry players will meet to discuss the opportunities of biomethane and green gases.

How can we maximise the potential of biomethane? What resources do we need to further drive the energy transition with green gases? How can producers market their biogas in the best possible way and maximize their profits?

As one of Europe’s leading marketer of biomethane and an expert in green gases, our experts Diego Radlmaier, Julia Schmunk and Moritz Kies will be on site for us at stand B55. They are looking forward to an exciting exchange, new impulses and networking with potential partners.

We want to effectively link Europe’s various biomethane markets. This will enable us to make maximum use of the various opportunities offered by biomethane, e.g. in the heating or fuel sector. To this end, we purchase biomethane of all qualities and from all substrates, both subsidised and unsubsidised.

We believe in the potential of biomethane and that green gases are an important factor in the energy transition. Together with our partners, we want to embrace and utilize this opportunity.

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Date: 10/07/2024
- 11/07/2024


NEC Birmingham, UK

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