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International Biogas Congress & Expo Brussels

The International Biogas Congress & Expo will gather this year in Brussels from 05 – 06 of July 2022. The event brings together leading producers, suppliers, regulators and other committed organisations to talk about biogas and renewable energies.

We are excited to get invited to be part of this congress to exchange experiences and views on biogas and the future of Europe‘s energy supply.

In a keynote speech, our sales expert Diego Radlmaier will talk about the international biomethane trade and market outlook.

Keynote speech

Our green gas expert Diego Radlmaier will give a keynote speech on:

“international biomethane trade and market outlook”

Date: 06/07/2022, starting at 2:15 pm

bmp greengas Team | Diego Radlmaier

Diego Radlmaier



Date: 05/07/2022
- 06/07/2022



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