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Creditors' meeting decides on continuation of insolvency proceedings in self-administration

Munich, 12 October 2023. Insolvency proceedings in self-administration of bmp greengas GmbH are to be continued. This was the decision taken by creditors at the regular creditors’ meeting at Karlsruhe District Court today, Thursday.

During the meeting, lawyer Jochen Sedlitz from the law firm GRUB BRUGGER, who is part of bmp greengas GmbH management for the duration of the restructuring process, first of all reported in detail on the current business situation of the biomethane marketing company and the progress made in restructuring the contract situation.

He explained once again how shifts on the gas market had led to the difficulties of bmp greengas GmbH and, together with the court-appointed administrator Dr Dietmar Haffa from the law firm Schulze & Braun, answered creditors’ questions at the meeting. In view of the developments, Sedlitz remained confident that the proceedings would be brought to a beneficial conclusion for customers, suppliers and employees. Among other things, he referred to volume and contract adjustments with numerous customers from the renewable energy sector.

He also announced that a binding offer had been made by a company interested in buying bmp greengas GmbH, but that it had been agreed not to disclose details of this due to the ongoing proceedings.

The creditors were in favour of continuing business operations and the insolvency proceedings in self-administration. The appointment of Dr Dietmar Haffa as administrator will also continue. The insolvency plan is to be submitted to the court shortly and a decision on the future of bmp greengas GmbH will be made at a further creditors’ meeting.

Contact for media enquiries:

Jochen Sedlitz
Specialist solicitor for insolvency law
for the duration of the reorganisation process
a member of the bmp management board

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