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European Biogas Conference 2021

Renewable gases are essential for defossilizing the energy sector and achieving the EU’s 2030 climate targets. The EU’s Green Deal has set the framework for the energy transition. Now it is time to turn these goals into action.

Constructive dialog and the exchange of knowledge are crucial in this important phase.

bmp greengas | European Biogas Conference Sponsor

With bmp greengas as a sponsor, the European Biogas Conference offers the opportunity to discuss some of the most important topics for our industry:

  • What is the role of biomethane in future energy systems?

  • How can we accelerate the expansion of biomethane production so that the industry becomes a key player in this transition?

  • How can biogas promote rural development and help us build a more sustainable and competitive agricultural sector?

  • What is needed to unlock the immense potential of biogas for the development of circular cities and regions?

Visit us at our booth to discuss and find out what potential biomethane has to offer for your business and sustainability goals!

Keynote Speech

Maximilian Kurth, Sales

In Session 2 TOWARDS NEGATIVE EMISSIONS MOBILITY, our green mobility expert Maximilian Kurth will give a keynote speech on the potential of biomethane as a fuel for the mobility transition: “Fuelling road mobility with biomethane”.

Date: 26 Oct. 2021, from 15:00 p.m.

bmp greengas Team | Maximilian Kurth


Date: 26/10/2021
- 27/10/2021


Brussels, Belgium

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